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Everything you Need to know about Flight Mechanics To be enrolled into an aviation mechanic school you are required to meet some basic requirements. Being of age is very important if you want to become an aviation mechanic. Being literate is an important factor when it comes to getting enrolled into an aviation mechanic school. Being able to read, write, speak and understand the English language is a very important factor when getting enrolled into an aviation school. 18 months of experience with power plants or airframes are a requirement too. If you have 30 months of experience working with power plants and airframes you would be qualified to join an aviation mechanic school. You could also qualify to be enrolled in an aviation mechanic school if you are a graduate of Approved Maintenance Technical School.
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An aviation school requires you to have passed a written test, an oral exam and a practical test. Every requirement is supposed to meet for one to be allowed into an aviation mechanic school. It applies for both citizens and non-citizens.
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You should also be ready to acquire the mechanic certificate. Being able to prove that you are not a citizen or a residential alien is a requirement too for non-citizens. The non-citizens should show the examiners their passports. The non-citizens should be able to produce a detailed report from their employer indicating every maintenance. The experience of the non-citizens is required to be validated by the civil aviation organization. It is also possible to get validation from the foreign airworthiness authority of the country they obtained experience from. For the non-citizen to qualify for an aviation mechanic course they require to have all the mentioned requirements. The date and sign must be in the documents presented to facilitate the approval of non-citizens to do an aviation mechanic course. The fee for the document review is a must for any non-citizen. If a non-citizen happens not to meet the full requirement for the English language they could get a waiver. Lack of any mechanic certificate makes it impossible for any person doing an aviation mechanic course to be left alone to do any mechanic work. They would be under the supervision of a qualified aviation mechanic who holds a valid flight mechanic certificate. Find a certified aviation mechanic school by doing research; avoid frustrations early. Make sure you go to an aviation mechanic school that is accredited.