A Brief Overview of the Stock Market in Recent History

Every day, millions of people roll the dice on the stock market. They range from career investors to typical Americans hoping to build a nest egg for the future with a number of agendas spanning the rest of the spectrum. Whether they’re in it to make a living or to boost their earned income, they wake up and sip their morning coffee with the “you win some, you lose some” mindset; of course, they’re all hoping for the more favorable side of the scenario.

The market is notorious for its volatility, but there’s also an inherent sense of stability hiding in the shadows. While fears of another depression or recession loom on the horizon, the potential for a silver lining always seems to keep people coming back for more. What have recent years held in store? It’s definitely been a mixed bag.

Looking Back

Plenty of industry experts painted a bleak picture for the market heading into 2016. With the outcome of the pending presidential election promising to bring about its own issues and the Brexit threat sending investors into a state of proactive recoil, things just weren’t looking up for much of the world. No large-scale disasters actually took place, leaving those who stuck it out to enjoy the spoils of victory. Even the expected year-end downturn plaguing most bull markets didn’t take quite the toll analysts were predicting.

In the Here and Now

This year began with a number of on-the-fence forecasts. Many analysts and experts basically said it might be a good year, but it might not be. Overall, the verdict essentially entailed the good news from the previous year would keep people comfortable, yet all good things must come to an end; however, fear of a recession could send some investors running while others seized the opportunity for new potential in often-overlooked areas of the market, keeping things fairly well balanced. Despite the wishy-washy theories, the bull market has entered its eighth consecutive year, and matters are looking great for the months to come.

Gloom, doom, agony and despair have been predicted for the year to come; in fact, it’s the year some experts have been warning investors about for quite some time now. Will things take a turn for the worse? Well, that remains to be seen, but you can read more about it here.