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GED® and GED Testing Service® are registered logos of the American Council on Education (ACE). As an advocate for social interaction, and an adult learner, I’ve discovered that as I look beyond what I read and think of the way it relates to my household and even day to interactions with folks, I get a better since of the process of life-long studying education

One method to insure that transformative concept would apply so that all education results in a very good experience would be to include a mentor or some external mechanism that guided the learner via the logic course of to assist in properly evaluating the experience.

Within the greater education classroom, I consistently see increased standards of performance with college students engaged in practical linking to new information, expertise, and experience exercising a constructivist method to learning over those students who work merely to memorize theories and ideas of the curriculum.

Grounded in cognitive and developmental psychology and originating in work completed in the Seventies involving adult ladies who returned as students, Mezirow’s major focus of his principle was on the method of meaning making from experiences through reflection, crucial reflection, and important self-reflection (Dirkx, 1998).adult education

They have to be there for their adult college students; offering feedback, letting them know the expectations, holding them accountable for growth and development, establishing instructional, skilled, and private goals, and enabling them to achieve their full education