Associate Professor Michael Matthews

Considering the Singapore context, the papers on this collection spotlight how analysis partnerships can effectively present a theoretical foundation for participating teachers in motion analysis, as a way to implement theory into their classroom science instructing apply. For instance, Michigan State University in East Lansing is changing how introductory biology, chemistry and physics are taught, by redesigning course curricula and assessments. College members have debated core disciplinary ideas, cross-slicing ideas and scientific practices. Every discipline has generated a listing to transform the introductory curriculum and is now growing assessments for all three dimensions of studying.

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Pc simulations are a helpful supplemental device for pupil studying and understanding. People who require extra data on a subject or concept might be directed to a simulation to assist further full their information constructing. Moreover, college students with holes or gaps of their studying might discover computer simulations a …

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How to Crack IAS Interview

Everybody aims to have a secure and fulfilling job through which you can help your fellow citizens and bring positive change to the country you live in. Working in the government gives you access to information and resources which can be used to bring about positive change. The post of an Indian Administrative Services officer is such a work title that could help you on the path of social service.

Indian Administrative Service

An officer of the Indian Administrative Service serves at positions in the Government, at both the Union and State and the public sector. Indian Administrative Services, along with Indian Forest Service and Indian Police Service are three of the top All India Services. The Selection process of an IAS officer has three methods. One of these ways is applying for the Civil Services Exam which is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The recruits …

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Getting Schooled in Cosplay

Keeping students engaged in the classroom presents challenges educators could not have imagined when they signed up to teach years ago.  Competition for their attention, engagement and proficiency from challenges like social media and online distractions as well as family dynamics and their personal wellbeing must be traversed nimbly.  Teachers know that building skills in music helps students develop better math skills, but at a time when many music programs have faced severe cut backs or have been scrapped all together, teachers find themselves thinking outside the box, or the class room, to find ways to stimulate the minds of their students.  One history teacher had an idea that using cosplay might work.  He noticed that each year, more students came to class eager to talk about their ideas for their costumes, but had no idea what they were talking about.  He researched the subject and decided to have some …

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