In the last ten years, China has made great progress in various fields, including in Education. Many foreigners in the field of science, this not only applies to good systems but also from fairly cheap costs to other countries such as America, Britain, Singapore.

The education level in China has the primary, secondary, and college levels. China holds a 9-year free education which makes the education outreach in China not only belong to the upper class but all Chinese citizens because of the small already invested in them.

Children in China start formal education at the age of 3 years with a pre-school entrance which lasted 3 years. Continue to enter primary school at the age of 6 years. Primary School in China lasts for 6 years with China’s major subjects, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science, and so on. In addition, there is also basic moral and political education. Great support is also provided for physical education. For more information, please visit education in china

Secondary education is divided into 2 sections: academic secondary education and vocational/ special/technical education. The academic secondary school is divided into two levels, namely junior and senior. Vocational schools have programs between 2 to 4 years and provide expertise in agriculture, managerial, employment and engineering skills. The engineering school offers a 4-year program to train its students. Schools of this type are oriented to meet the needs of trained workers.

China does not do the concept of learning to memorize, a rigid teaching method that only aims to pass the exam alone. Rather, the approach system or learning system in China emphasizes the mastery of the material, concepts, and mastery of skills for students by the way students are taught and directed to understand and experience something they are learning.

The Chinese education system is more open. Teachers are grouped by quality. Students are free to evaluate the quality of teachers objectively, ranging from competent teachers to teachers who are not qualified. China places teachers as a priority in their education system. Teacher education in China today emphasizes the changing mindset about education, concepts, materials and methods of learning, especially teacher morality.

The reforms made by China in the world of education directly bring the school curriculum which emphasizes the development of students’ potential, the curriculum is directed to facilitate the potential of students to develop optimally.