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What You Should Know About Hosted Telephony

It is very evident that many people don’t know what the future entails in line with the type of phones that are going to be there in the future. However, it is certain that there is going to more conversations over the internet. The new age of telephony started fifty years ago. For a certain number of years, the system has run through phone lines in a system well-known as Centrex. Also, the system is still in place today. The Centrex system can easily be used by phones which are usually connected to it using lines. Even though the Centrex system seems backward, it is still being used today. It was so unfortunate that hosted telephony faced a very hard time since it was invented.

Fortunately, the system is proven to be working stably in the present day today. The system is commonly referred to as the cloud in the recent years. For telephony to be rendered a stable source of communication, it took three decades. For both business and domestic use, it is termed as the best since its cost of use is very low. By 2015, more than 200 million subscribers were recorded. According to some of the communication experts, hosted telephony was described as a brilliant form of service.

The reason as to why telephony took many years to set pace in the market was because broadband available could not sustain it. The VoIP was also a challenge in hosted telephony. It was termed to be flaky then.

The system faced a lot of critics, and its growth was slowed by the negative influence in the consumer market. VoIP is considered as a stable system today. The system is also reliable due to its flexibility in the rendering of service. The phones produced today are also pre-configured so that one can plug into any desired network. Since the phone is not limited to any service, the phone can work out of the box. Due to increased technology, there is the increase in high definition calls. Hosted telephony works as one of the dominant form of service due in many countries. The system hit the four million users mark in the United Kingdom back in 2015.

Today, the system has risen to at least six million subscribers. Many companies have also bought the system in the recent days. Immediately after the system is installed, it is usually attached to telephone lines and other extensions. It is then the obligation of the company to hire an expert to maintain the system for them. However, the system has thrived due to advantages such as scalability, low capital investment and compatibility with other devices.
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