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Considerations When Buying Board Shorts Board shorts are the kind of swimwear that’s worn mostly by men despite the fact that some manufacturers are selling such shorts for women as well. This particular swimwear is loose fitting partnered with a Velcro and a lace up tie front and at the same time, a little longer compared to regular swimming trunks. This is oftentimes made with quick dry and lightweight material and is designed with surfers in mind. Buying board shorts isn’t just picking anything that you want as there are some criteria that have to be checked like price, design and so. On the other hand, there are also other important factors in which buyers have to take into account such as its construction, typical use, type of material used and so forth, which we will talk about later. Number 1. Material – the early board short was made of durable materials similar to canvas which have lasted for a long time but is somewhat stiff and uncomfortable. But with the continuous technological advancements of today, it has created varieties of board shorts.
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Whether you believe it or not, some materials used have few things in common like fast drying, lightweight but expect as well that there are others to perform better than the rest. As an example, shorts that are made from polyester and nylon can dry easily and inexpensive but if it’s to be used by professional or hard core surfers, they may look for something that’s stretchable to allow more movement.
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Number 2. Use – as what mentioned earlier, board shorts were designed originally with surfers in mind. On the other hand, buyers need to think of how they plan to make use of them as they can now be worn for varieties of activities. Say for example that you’ll be using it for active sports such as water skiing or windsurfing, then you need something that can provide better security and higher durability however, if it’s for lounging or tanning, a pair of retro or baggies board shorts will be enough. Not only that, there are also specialty board shorts available for other sports such as skating, MMA and the likes. Number 3. Construction – new innovations and technologies in design resulted in more comfortable and better shorts so, buyers have to consider the kind of construction features they need or want. As an example, 2 and 4 way stretch board shorts allowed these garments to be less restrictive and more comfortable while seamless board shorts are creating less friction against the skin which makes them more comfortable to wear for extended period of time.