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How Neck Pain Can Be Treated with Chiropractic Care

People feeling pain in their neck often seek out chiropractic treatment to alleviate their pain. Others swear by chiropractors, saying they not only work to relieve the pain but to treat the underlying cause of their pain at the same time.

Chiropractic treatment for Neck Pain: How it Works

Chiropractic is derived from the Greek terminology cheir (hand) and praxis (action) — practitioners predominantly make use of their hands in treating muscle, nerve, and joint pain by adjusting the spine as well any necessary joints in the body. Adjustments mean that the chiropractic doctor has to apply controlled mild, relaxing pressure to the joint, pushing it into its proper position. This is done to free the muscles that are constraint or painful because of scarring or tissue damage from either recurring stress or trauma. Whiplash is a case of trauma that causes neck pain, while a poor posture can be a possible cause of repeated stress injury. Chiropractic adjustment for neck pain in particular, or cervical manipulation as it is called, is used to disentangle the joints of the cervical vertebrae in our neck to ease the pain triggered by muscle spasms and pinched nerves.
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Chiropractors sharply twist the neck using their hands and realign the vertebrae. The aim of chiropractic care is to recover mobility of your joints and also to remedy the source of your pain, instead of treating only the symptoms. This no-surgery, no-drug approach might just be the solution to your problem.
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Since each case is different, the proper chiropractic treatment depends on individual cases and is aimed at the principal dysfunctions determined during a chiropractic examination. On the other hand, chiropractic practitioners commonly employ distinctive treatments usually including muscle relaxation mostly after gentle relaxing manipulation, along with gentle stimulation and different exercises.

In order to treat joint dysfunction, the chiropractor mainly uses relaxing spinal manipulation wherein he/she gently works on the affected joint and directs it towards where it is inhibited. Spinal manipulation, which is likewise identified as chiropractic adjustment, sometimes involve the use of a short push towards that route. In several cases, they use an unhurried mobilizing movement rather than a thrust.

A chiropractic physician is trained to diagnose his/her patient using physical exams, as well as x-rays and/or diagnostic tests if needed. Treatment plans could include exercises for the neck, which the patient can do alone, as well as recommendations for a wholesome lifestyle; to prescribe medication is not part of their treatment plan at all.

Although the main method they use is spinal manipulation, they may also use supplementary therapies as part of the treatment plan. The chiropractor will know exactly how to treat your condition.